San Diego Youth Symphony Registration

Thank you for choosing to register your child for the 2017-18 season with the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory, the 6th oldest youth symphony in the nation! This is our brand new registration system that has been custom designed to better serve SDYS families. As with many new systems, there are hidden bugs and issues that may have slipped through our rigorous testing. SDYS appreciates any and all feedback to better enhance your registration experience, so please feel free to email Conservatory Program Coordinator Kyle Henning at with any suggestions for improvement.

SDYS continually looks for new ways to improve the musician experience. Our registration questions allow SDYS to analyze data which informs our program designs, and ultimately leads to a better musician experience. This registration will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and we greatly appreciate your efforts to provide us with a full picture of your musician. Please note you will not be able to save your registration progress. Please allow time to complete the registration in its entirety.

If you are an existing San Diego Youth Symphony Family or Musician. Start here by logging in.

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